This small and dark lobby felt disconnected from the main entrance, which also serves as the entry to the hotel restaurant. Glass-block windows and the use of too many 45-degree angles made the space feel awkward and dated. 

Our clients wanted to re-brand the lobby as a part of the Coast chain, while providing this location its own unique sense of identity. With the addition of some unused space next door, they envisioned a more expansive, fresh and inviting lobby. 



The wild, wet West coast was the inspiration behind this lobby renovation. Watery grays mingle with soft whites, while earth-toned wood provides warmth and contrast. Drawing from the deep pink tones of Vancouver's cherry blossoms adds a hint of much-needed color and vibrancy. 

A runway of stunning marble tile exudes elegance while leading guests directly to the front desk. Cherry blossom details are featured at reception and repeated again in the lounge area, cleverly concealing the existing glass block while still allowing natural light to permeate the space. 


Location - Vancouver, BC
Completed - July 2015
Photography - Martin Knowles Photography